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Guansheng Precision

Guansheng Precision is a progressive job shop that offer high-performance multi-axis machining and engineering services for parts from prototype to high-volume production. Our dedication to producing the finest quality parts comes from our experience and knowledge of materials, fixturing, and production techniques that will ultimately save your costs.The result is a product matching your design, exceeding your expectations, and performing perfectly.

Our quality control and assurance systems are set in place to assure our customers have peace of mind with the First Article of Inspection (FAI) & inspection reports to material specification & Material Test Report (MTR)


By the advanced CNC machinery and supporting technology, Guansheng Precision provides high-performance 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC machining and engineering services for parts from prototypes to high-volume production. Our CNC turning and milling services are available for use with many different Various applications in metals, alloys and plastics.


A Liquid silicone rubber is a high-purity, two-component platinum-cured silicone, ideally formulated for the production of technical parts, where strength, resistance and high quality are a must. LSRs are viscous, but pumpable materials, mostly processed through liquid injection molding (LIM)


For years, Guansheng Precision has specialized in providing metal fabrication services to take our customers’ designs from initial concept through final assembly. As a manufacturer, we aim to simplify the manufacturing supply chain. By conducting all metal fabrication in-house, we can oversee the full production process and save our clients’ valuable time and budget while maintaining high-quality standards.


Guansheng Precision offers fast prototyping with 3D printing technology. 

3D Printing, or additive manufacturing, is a process that utilizes a CAD file (typically an STL) to produce a 3-dimensional part. Objects are produced layer by layer using a variety of different materials and layer adhesion technologies. 

3D prototypes can help you evaluate designs, test customer response, and explain your concept quickly and easily.  


At GuanSheng Precision, we have years of experience producing high-quality die-casted metal parts and components for customers across the globe. Our die casting services are contained all under one roof, streamlining our process and allowing for expedited delivery. If you require precise metal parts manufactured in low volume – contact us today. Our sales staff is fluent in English, we are ready to answer any questions you may have, explain the process and benefits of die casting, and provide a free estimate for your die casting project.


For the rapid production of plastic parts in greater numbers – plastic injection moulding is the optimal solution for quick and easy replication. Injection moulded plastics stand excellent for use in extreme environments and conditions and can be created operating any of the many different plastics we have to choose from. Our in-house CNC shop produces moulds which can be used repeatedly, creating thousands of identical plastic units while saving money on design, and time on production.


Completed parts and projects can undergo additional finishing services to further improve their durability, increase solidity, and boost their appearance. From industrial treatments designed to improve environmental resistance and increase part durability to cosmetic colour-matched painting or 24k gold plating, We hav a complete portfolio of professional finishing services to choose from.